DIY Swimming Pool Liners

Swimming pool vinyl liner installing is easy if you know the process to follow. This website is a technical resource for people looking for information on how to install a vinyl swimming pool liner from a do it yourself (DIY) perspective. All the information contained in this resource has been written and provided by Steve Goodale, a second generation swimming pool contractor and owner of A Better Pool Company in Burlington Ontario and Serendipity Pools & Artificial Rock in Vancouver BC.

Steve is well known for his activities in the swimming pool and hot tub industry, but also for his extensive series of online tutorials relating to swimming pool, hot tub and artificial rock construction, repair, renovation and troubleshooting. His writing style is beyond descriptive and his attention to detailed technical process makes installing your own vinyl liner not only possible - but easy.

If your vinyl liner looks like the one in the picture above it might be time to learn ho to install your own pool liner. Average savings would be $1000 to $2500 over what it would cost to hire a professional for the job. The vast majority of the cost of the job is the cost of the liner which is heavily marked up by the installer. The job itself could be completed in as little as half a day for a seasoned professional. This means that with one to two days of effort you can save almost half the cost of replacing the vinyl liner in your swimming pool.

The E-book sold from this website will focus on providing you with an understanding of the liner installation process. If you wish to install your own liner but are aprehensive about what you may encounter when attempting this project you will find this information specifically usefull.

In a conversational style this guide will walk you through the chronological process involved with changing your liner. The liner installation information in this E-book applies to all above ground, on ground and in ground vinyl liner pools.

This tutorial is first hand experience from an seasoned professional that you will not find through any other sources. We are certain that you will find everything you need to know about replacing your own swimming pool liner so please enjoy our No Risk - 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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